What is RestocksAIO?

A brief explanation of the program and its purpose
RestocksAIO is a tool that allows you to both manage and create new listings on your favourite reselling platforms. Containing numerous features to ensure you get the maximum profit without investing as much time!

Supported Sites


FREE TRIAL (0€ / 7 days)

Get to test our software at no cost for seven days. You can cancel the trial at any time in the Billing Portal inside the dashboard. If you don't cancel in time, you will be charged for a standard membership.

Premium Membership (30€ / month)

  • Bricker Mode 🧱 - Automatic AI that ensures you have the lowest price, decreasing and increasing prices.
  • Offer Sniper 👨‍💻 - Automatically accepts WeTheNew offers within your price range!
  • Wethenew Slot Sniper
    - Be able to snipe consignment slots with the fastest tool in the market.
  • Smart Actions ⏩️ - Get your automation to the next level with custom triggers and actions.

Standard Membership (15€ / month)

  • Barcode Scanner
    - Scan shoebox barcodes and compare prices/list within seconds. Mobile and Scanner compatible.
  • Label Generator
    - Custom-coded labels to save paper and for thermal printers.
  • Sales Analytics
    - Personal sale analytics from all sites with CSV exports.
  • Bulk Listing Mode
    - Bulk listing, editing and deleting of listings on all platforms.
  • CSV Listing
    - List thousands of pairs via a CSV in seconds!
  • Price Comparison
    - Compare prices across supported sites.
  • Invoice generator
    - Custom invoices for sales including VAT, currency conversions and fee calculations (supporting LexOffice, SevDesk, Fakturownia and UBL file export).
  • Free Courier Collections
    - Schedule UPS & DHL collections with 2 clicks!
  • Proof of Delivery
    - PoD Delivery exports (UPS, DHL and DPD).
  • Confirm Sales
    - Accept sales from all platforms.

More Standard Features

  • In-house monitors
    - Currently supporting Wethenew and Alias Exchange Rate.