My wethenew tasks are not sniping offers

99% of the time is the user's fault because of wrong settings, nonworking proxies, or other reasons. If you think these mentioned issues are not the cause, follow the next steps:

  1. Make sure that you are running the correct Listing VAT type on your account profile:

  1. Switch between proxy usage and no proxy.

Your connection to their servers could have been rate limited, meaning the sniper won't work. Switch to proxies or no proxies and restart the app.

  1. Remove the profile, restart, and add it again.

Following these steps, your sniper should be working back again.


I can load items but the sniper does not work!

Yes, this is right. This can happen because the sniper and the module work in different ways.

Follow the said steps to solve these issues.

My sniper has ignored a upcoming offer and there was no webhook on my channel.

Actually, the sniper tried to catch the offer, but it got snatched by another user, just move on and wait for future offers.

I got X LP but bigger offer was ignored.

No, it was not ignored. You have 20% vat removed on your payout, meaning that your incoming offer was below the LP.

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