How I can get access to the public StockX API

We support both API and Non-Public API access, but some accounts may be flagged within StockX and become unable to use our tool. Therefore, it is important to gain access to their public StockX API.

Sign up for their developer's platform

Find the link here. Click sign up, and authorize access to your account. You will come up with a link to request access.

Submit the application and wait till approved

Fill your details. In case you don't know what to fill, we recommend something along the next details:

  • Role: Project Manager

  • What are you building? I'm looking forward to creating a tool to manage my listings and improve my sales within the platform.

I've got access, what now?

In order for the tool to recognize your API access, you will need to create an API key and a Application in the developer portal, make sure it looks like this:

You must set the callback URL to:

That's it! Now, remove and add your profile again for the software to detect your API Key and Application Credentials. You will be able to check and uncheck the option for the usage of their public API.

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