StockX Login

This function only works with accounts with email/username and password. Otherwise, you need to refer to our Cooke Importer tutorial.

In case you are getting error "Forbidden" while setting up your StockX account follow the next instructions. This is the only way to be logged in StockX indefinitely:

Log in using localhost, not under a proxy in RestocksAIO, otherwise, you won't be able to pass.

  1. Hit "Log In" 3 times.

  2. Add this cookie extension to your browser.

  3. Go to, reload, open the extension while being on the StockX website and search for "_px3". If you cant find "_px3" try to log in to the bot more often and refresh the StockX website. Repeat this process until you get a captcha. After solving the captcha you will find "_px3" in the extension.

  4. Copy this text.

  5. Hit this button then paste in the text. Hit "Log In".

  6. Reload StockX and solve the captcha.

  7. Repeat step 3, 4 and 5. Done!

If you change your password you have to redo this process.

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