How to do proper invoices

On this page, you will learn how to do proper invoices for your sneaker sales, electronics, or whatever sale you had on any platform compatible with our software, using our Invoice Dialog Window.

Read Invoice Generator, which contains all the information about everything in the Invoice Dialog, including all the options and features.

1. Fill up your Profile Settings

2. Modify the Invoice Text if needed

You have an invoice description box on the bottom of the Invoice Settings that you can fill out, for example, with the text needed to showcase that the invoice is a B2B invoice.

A new preset will be made whenever you press Edit Preset on one of our three default presets. (The default presets cannot be deleted or edited, so a copy will be made)

The platforms that we currently support are LexOffice and SevDesk.

4. Create the Invoices.

To create the invoices, we will set the type, the language preset for the invoice, the type of reference, and additional settings.

Questions and Answers

How do I not miss any sale that can be pending?

To not miss any sales that can be pending, these can be generated in the next quarter following the next settings.

  1. Use a timeframe of two quarters, the current one and the past one, for example (01/01/2023 - 30/06/2023).

  2. Check the checkbox "Import old CSV to remove dupe".

  3. Click Generate Invoices or Import a Normal CSV.

  4. Import the old CSV.

For example, using a timeframe of two quarters and importing a past CSV with the sales that we generated for the first quarter will only make appear the sales that do not appear on the CSV of the first quarter, so in this way, you do not miss any sales.

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