Bricker Mode FAQ


How can I see the status of my task?

You can see the status of your task when going with your mouse over the colored dot left side.

What does the color of the dot mean?

How does the queue work?

Read HERE.

Will my listings automatically get deleted when it sells on one site?

Yes, but only if you have the items on the same task as here:

Why did the prices increase to 700€ when I started my tasks?

If you are not first in the queue, your prices will increase to avoid a wall of listings.

Increased the price, rule (currentPayout < lowestPayoutPossible)

The item you are running had a lower payout than your Lowest Payout, meaning that the filter you put for the minimum payout you want to receive wasn't followed, so the task automatically increased the price to be along the range you have set.

The rule that the tasks follow are the next: (Lowest Payout < item payout < Max Payout)

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