Bricker Mode Mass Editor

The Bricker Mode Mass Editor is a quick way for users to use filters to match controllers and quickly change their settings.

It contains the normal settings and multiple ways to change Max Payout and Lowest Payout settings on the controllers:

Variable Settings

Set MP = OffSet + Task LP

Users can set an amount on the textbox. When pressed the button, this amount will go through all controllers and sum to the Lowest Payout, setting it to the Max Payout Variable.

This setting is a quick way of setting the Max Payout depending on the item value.

It could be useful as old products or products with no volume could have crazy prices that wouldn't sell at any time.

With this option, you can set the Max Payout depending on the Lowest Payout value, reducing the product payout to a reasonable price.

Edit all Lowest Payouts

A quick way to set the value as Lowest Payout on all controllers.

Edit All Max Payouts

A quick way to set the value as Max Payout on all controllers.

Normal Settings

With the mass editor, you can edit the normal settings by pressing them. They do not need an explanation as they are self-explanatory.

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