Bricker Mode Queue


How do I see if my task is in queue?

When this dot is the color white.

Why does Bricker Mode have a queue?

We need the queue to prevent people from undercutting each other with the bot. You are in the queue if another RestocksAIO user is selling the same item as you.

When will I be the first one in the queue?

You will be the first when all people in front of you leave the queue or sell their item. One place in line = one item, so if you have 10 pairs listed of the same size and you sell 1 of them, you will be at the back of the queue again.

I have to restart my bot. Will my queue spot reset?

Your queue spot is reserved for 6 minutes.

Why did the prices increase to 700€ when I started my tasks?

If you are not first in the queue, your prices will increase to avoid building a wall of listings.

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