Bricker Mode Tasks


  1. Click "Create Tasks".

  2. Now click the left button if you want to load your inventory or if you want to refresh. Hit the right button if you have already loaded the inventory in the Listings Section.

  3. Select an item.

    1. You can choose between Resell and Consignment items.

    2. Origin link of the picture and copy SKU.

    3. -

    4. Select sizes by clicking on them. Hold CTRL to select multiples. Press CRTL + A to select all.

    5. This is the payout you want to have in your bank account. The payout after the fees on the selling site and after the fees you set in the Additional Fees section.

    6. Read HERE how Parallel Check works.

The Lowest Payout Possible is based on your preferred program currency.

Sites that use a different currency will be converted to your preferred currency internally and compared to your Lowest Payout.

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