Invoice Generator

The Invoice Dialog Window only creates invoices for PAID sales. If you are looking at how to create invoices without missing sales every quarter, have a read here.

HERE is a tutorial on how to sell B2B. For any questions regarding the validity of your invoice, please talk to your accountant or tax advisor.

On the features window, you will see several features. You can open the Invoice Dialog by clicking on the second button.

Inside this window, you will find four tabs:

  • Profile Settings: Create profiles containing your business information, which can be later selected when generating the invoice.

  • Invoice Settings: Here, you can visualize default presets and edit them as you wish; this will be the language pack used on your generated invoice. Currently, we have the next presets: English, Español, and German.

  • Integration Settings: Users can set their favorite accounting platform to upload invoices automatically. Currently, we support LexOffice, SevDesk and Fakturownia.

  • Generate Invoices: Here, you will find several settings, ways of importing, and generation settings to process your invoice.

Invoice Generation and Settings

There are three ways of generating invoices:

  • StockX Sale History: Create invoices for your StockX purchases. The sales can be downloaded from this page by hitting the VAT export button.

  • Custom Invoice Creation: Create custom invoices from a CSV import.

  • Normal Invoice Generation: This will create invoices on the selected Selling Site following the Timeframe set by the user.

Alias Invoice Generation works by looking at cashouts on your timeframe. Without cashouts, we cannot figure the EUR rate for your sales, so it's impossible to generate.

If you want USD invoices, these can be generated by selecting Alias USD Only.

You can customize your invoice by selecting these options. They are self-explanatory.

You can edit your invoices by generating them first and receiving the CSV with the data of the invoices. After editing the CSV, import it back on the Invoice Dialog Window, you will receive the invoices on your discord webhook.

Custom Invoice Generation

You can download the template from the Invoice Dialog Window to generate custom-made invoices. On this template, you will find several columns that you will need to fill in to create these invoices.

If you want to add several items to one invoice, you need to set the items with the same invoice number.

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