Load your inventory from all the sites you added in Accounts Section.

Upload Listings

Use SKU.

CSV Listing

  1. Get the template by clicking "Send Template".

  2. Fill out the template. Do not add any columns, the CSV has to stay how it is.

  3. Import the filled-out CSV.

  4. Now make sure the status says "Preload OK". If your imported products say "Preload failed" you can click "Download Errors" to see whats the issue.

  5. Now you made sure you have all items on status "Preload OK". Select the sites you want to list on in the bottom left - "Select Sites".

  6. Click "List Items". Done!

Inventory Calculator

Send the combined value of the items in your inventory to your webhook.

Export Listings

Save a CSV of all your listings.

Press CTRL + Left Click to select multiple listings or CTRL + A to select all listings.

Right click on items

Copy Style Code

Copy the style code of one or multiple items.

Undercut / Match Price listing(s) with Options

Check on Price Comparator

Opens the Price Comparison Window to compare market prices.

Edit multiple of this sneaker

Edit the store price/listing price of your items.

Edit WTN Vat Type

Choose your vat rate for the selected listings.

Delete selected listing(s)

Delete one or multiple listings.

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