Preload And Additional Fees

You need to use the preload functions to avoid errors and bans.

Why Preload Fees

If your fees are preloaded, the bot calculates them internally instead of taking them from the websites. The result is less proxy usage, fewer bans, and a faster bot.

How To Preload Fees

  • Click Preload.
  • Enable by clicking "Use Preloaded Fee".

Additional Fees

Here you can set additional fees for all sites.
You set 21% fees for because of taxes. Now you will see your payout for after tax(:1.21) in the Price Comparison Window. Now you're trying to sell an item on and set your Lowest Payout Possible(LP) in Bricker Mode to 100€. The bot will automatically set your Lowest Payout Possible to 121€ and won't go under that, so after tax, you will get the 100€.