Other Settings


  • Incoming Sales? - Webhook notification for sales.

  • Bricker Increases/Decreases? - Webhook notification for Bricker Mode price increase/decrease.

  • Print SKU into Label? - Printing the article number of your item on the shipping label.

Bricker Mode

  • Undercut on the Bricker Mode - Enable = Undercut; Disable = Matching lowest price

  • Enable Smart Bricker Mode - The enabled task will stop if it gets undercut by a certain amount of value or during X time. Read HERE about how it works.

  • Trigger Smart Bricker by Undercut Value - Enable/Disable


  • Load Inventory Lowest Asks (+ requests) - The inventory will show the lowest ask, but this will cause more requests = more proxy usage = more proxy bans.

  • Load Alias Global Pricing - We recommend activating this. You will be able to sell worldwide and not just in your region.

  • Generate Labels in New Sell Detected.

  • Print Product Info In New Page - Will split the shipping label and the shoe info in two different pages.

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